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Forms and visions in the works of Angel Patchamanov

Already in the first decades of the century, Malevich understood that absolute forms and absolute color might not coincide with the final picture. Thus, abstract art not only reaches the limits of rationality, but also strip up the irrational from inside abstraction. Its significance becomes a sort of “sanity carrier” of which the virus of the ego determines the tempo of evolution, schisms, ideological transgressions from the rigors of rationality and constructionism.

Magic Kaleidoscope, Makta Gallery, Sofia

Consciously or not, in the years between 1988 and 1999, the artist’s preferred centres had been Plovdiv, Zurich, Bern, Hanover, Magdeburg, Istanbul, Florence, and Vienna.

Krasimir Linkov, Art Critic

At the studio of Angel Pachamanov I was aware of the whisper of that vast reigning silence which, according to Kenneth White’s “holy man”, suggests deep thoughts and allows for outbursts of all kinds. I saw no visions, but rather simplified artistic secrets, where any fragment may stand in for all the rest.

The Fine Arts World of Angel Pachamanov

The surrounding world constantly undergoes changes. People vary from their predecessors in their needs and preferences. In these years of globalization and commercialism, when the individuals are subject to enormous information flow and their very physical survival depends on their strained life filled with pragmatic thoughts, moods, and deeds, the only ray of light helping preserve one’s humanity is art. It no mere fancy, no brief whim, it is vitally important spiritual nurturance. In order to counteract the robotification of the individual, art needs to perform its basic function – to impress. If only it were to touch on the innermost parts of the soul of a person, if only it could pull the most sensitive strings, art will establish harmony with one’s true individuality, thus saving them. The modern grate artist chooses his art on his own accord, not heeding academic postulates for the creation of a piece, which is only acquired knowledge as a basis for developing one’s potential. The true artist does not waste one’s days in single – minded pursuit of undeveloped ideas, and novel experimental devices.

Guide to the Plays of Time and Gravitation

Thousands of years ago Time had its beginning. Then space was gathered up within a single point.